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  • Who are we?
    K & A Group was established in 2018 and has emerged as a leading sourcing and wholesaler in the beauty industry. We sell branded goods from sought-after and top brands, offering full-line brand ordering, stock items, and close-outs. In April 2023, we commenced accepting new accounts and are enthusiastic about expanding our customer base.
  • Where are you located?
    Our office is in Spring Valley, New York, and our partner, 3PL Warehouse, is in Upper Settle River, New Jersey.
  • Are your products authentic?
    Yes, our products are authentic. We directly purchase from brands or vetted reputable intermediaries.
  • Do you have a MAP policy?
    No, we do not have a MAP policy.
  • How do I become a customer?
    To become a customer, you must be a retail or e-commerce seller and possess a resell certificate if required by the state (click here for more info). If not in the USA, you must provide proof of incorporation. Sign up at and follow the instructions. Upon accurate information submission, you will be approved and receive a login for our ordering site.
  • What is the ordering process? And what are the lead times?
    We offer three types of offerings: Full-line brand ordering: (4 to 10-week lead time) Download an order form from our website, fill it out till you reach the brand MOQ, email it to us at, and pay the 30% deposit. A final payment request will be sent when the order is ready to ship. Available Stock: (Lead time up to 4 days) Place an order from the stock selection on our website with a MOQ of $500. We release the order upon payment. Close-out deals: (Lead time 0 to 4 weeks) Better priced with higher MOQ; a 50% deposit is required to secure the deal, and the rest upon readiness to ship.
  • Do you have a minimum order amount or quantity (MOQ)?
    For available Stock, the MOQ is $500. For brand pre-orders, each brand has a different MOQ (look up on our website). Each close-out deal comes with its unique MOQ in the email.
  • Do you provide your inventory list in an Excel or CSV format?
    Yes, when signed in to your account on our website, you can download an Excel sheet of all our products.
  • What are the payment options?
    We accept Wire, ACH, Zelle, and Melio payments.
  • Do you provide free shipping?
    Sorry No, we do not provide free shipping.
  • What are the Shipping options?
    Customers are responsible for arranging shipping and costs. If you prefer us to arrange shipping (only in the USA), the charge will be 11% of your total order.
  • Do you ship directly to Amazon FBA or Walmart?
    Yes, we provide dimensions, and you send us labels and paperwork.
  • Do you sell internationally?
    Yes, but customers must arrange shipping.
  • Do you dropship?
    No, we do not dropship.
  • Can I come and pick it up?
    Yes, we are located in Upper Settle River, New Jersey. We will email you when the order is ready for pickup.
  • Can you provide supply chain details?
    To protect our sources, we cannot share a paper trail.
  • Do you provide brand authorization letters?
    No, we do not provide brand authorization letters.
  • Do you have Amazon prep services – labeling, poly bagging, and bubble wrap?
    Yes, with the following prices: (Keep in mind it could lengthen the lead time by a few days) Labeling: $0.50 per unit (Customer provides the file with the FNSKU) Polybagging: $0.65 per unit Bubble Wrapping: $0.90 per unit Photo: $4.50 per unit
  • Does Amazon approve your invoices? Can you assist me in getting ungated to sell a brand?
    Yes and No. Amazon approves our invoices as legitimate wholesalers to ensure the products are not stolen goods, etc. "Sometimes" our invoices worked to ungate, but not always. And we can't guarantee it will work. Before ordering, ensure you are eligible to sell on your desired platform.
  • Do you provide invoices before payment for Amazon ungating?
    No, we do not provide invoices before payment for Amazon ungating.
  • have any other questions??
    Email us at
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